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Vehicle Restoration at Collision one
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Classic and muscle vehicle fanatics look no further - Collision One is here to restore your vehicle and make your dream reality!

Have you been dreaming about having your favorite vehicle or truck brought back to life? The look, the feel and sound ... you've seen it finished in your mind a thousand times. The years go by, and time slips away.

If you're thinking that now is the time to get started, give us a call and we'll help get you rolling down the road in style behind the wheel of your dream machine.

We can help you develop a restoration plan for your vehicle or truck that meets your needs and your budget.

Restoring vintage vehicles and trucks is our specialty, and every aspect that goes along with it, makes us a team you can trust. Our experience and dedication to your dream vehicle, along with our fair and honest pricing, makes us a team you need on your side. Put our specialist to work on anything from your simple engine trouble shooting issues to a full ground up restoration. We have a lot to offer!
Car Crashed - Auto Body and Painting Collision shop in Mechanicsville, VA

Custom Mechanical

We handle many types of Mechanical upgrades and repairs including engine replacements here at Collision One of Tappahannock. We have a great team on our Mechanical side of our facility. These techs have many years of mechanical knowledge behind them.

From Disc Brake installs to new steering columns, we install many different types of upgrades. We also supply and install custom braided lines. These lines and fittings are custom made and carefully installed by our mechanical Technicians.

Upholstery Installations

From factory looking interiors to Custom one off interiors we have it covered. We can help you with the design process of your interior if needed. We have many different types of materials and options to choose from.

We build custom consoles and dashes if this is something your project may need. We offer complete carpet and headliner installs as well. If your seats need new cushions or added cushion we can provide this upon request.

When you're tired of your vehicles heat transferring from the firewall and transmission tunnel to the interior of your vehicle we can help. We do supply and install many types of heat and sound deadening materials for your project.

Engine Replacements

At Collision One, we offer many Engine replacement choices. From Big blocks to Small blocks we supply and install them all. We even install Fuel Injection systems to obtain quick pedal responses and improved gas mileage. We can help you decide on what choice is best for your particular project.

We can trace down your trouble area and properly diagnose your projects situation. Then we will let you know our course of action to get your vehicle or truck functioning as it should.

Sport Chassis / Suspensions

When it comes to Suspensions there are many directions you can go with your project. Here at Collision One, we will provide you with the best possible choices for the direction you would like to go with your Classic Vehicle or truck project.

We have customized chassis and have installed pre-manufactured chassis as well. If you want a better performance minded chassis, we can install Adjustable Coil Over systems all the way around or if you're looking for an Air Ride style of controlled system, we can do that too!

When you need to transfer all that new Horse Power to your wheels, install Four Link Suspensions.

Complete Metal Fabrication & Replacements - RUST REMOVAL

When you're Classic Vehicle or Truck needs rust removal, we have you covered. With our Custom Metal Fabrication technicians, your project will be in good hands. With our large facility our Metal Fabricators have ample room to work around your project.

We do complete floor pan replacements to roof panel replacements. Anyplace your vehicle would have this Rusting issue we will properly repair and replace what is needed.

We have worked on many projects that had extensive rusting issues. We are confident we can save your Classic Vehicle or truck from on-going Rusting issues.

Textured Durable Painted Surfaces – Rhino Liners

At Collision One, we offer complete surface protection for many situations. Ask us about Rhino Liners.

Depending on your needs we can offer you the best in metal protection for your project. We can also tint our liner materials to go with any sort of paint scheme you may want.

We also Spray Base / Coat Clear coat paint work on the bottoms of some Classics.

Metal Fabrication

We have our Metal Fabrication department here for all your project's needs. From Mig welding to Tig welding our techs are very talented. If you need anything Custom Fabricated, we can design it and build it for you.

Windshield Replacement Weather Seals and New Glass

Collision One of Tappahannock's main goal is to be sure that we meet your individual needs. No matter if you are looking to build a daily driver, garage center piece, trophy winner, cruise-in jaw dropper or anything in between. We will work with you to provide information and allow you to make informed decisions. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.
Collision One will complete as little or as much as a customer wants. We are pleased to work directly with the customer on their projects most of our customers are extremely involved in their machines this particular customer Don this is the second vehicle I have built for his brother in the last five years and of course Don likes to reassemble his own vehicles he's really good at the small details and we're really good at the large ones together what a beautiful 55 Chevy that is being completed and going back on the road instead of in the junkyard
It's all in the details and it always has been for us here at Collision One it's just as important the underside of the vehicle is just as pretty and clean under the hood as the outside. What a beautiful build with a little 383 stroker and beautiful pearl white what a great combination another classic back on the road
Building dreams with our customer’s one classic at a time welcome to Mr. Ray Allen and his 72 supernova, this was a beautiful billed for us and Ray was such a great guy to work with as you can see from beginning to end our customers and their vehicles are winners.
Repairing silver car — Auto Body and Painting Collision shop in Mechanicsville, VA
Engine of a car — Auto Body and Painting Collision shop in Mechanicsville, VA
Engine of vintage car — Auto Body and Painting Collision shop in Mechanicsville, VA
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